Clickbait Email Marketing: Good PR Tactic or Simply Unethical?

So I admit I buy a lot of clothes from online fast fashion brands, so I often unintentionally end up on their mailing list. Recently I’ve noticed a new trend in brands sending clickbait in their email subjects to try and get customers to open them. Often the subject of the email is only very loosely related to the content. And sorry I SAW IT FIRST but I’m calling you, it’s your account.

So here’s a little taster of some of the email subject’s I’ve received from them recently:

  • Reminder: Delete Your Insta Story
  • One Direction Reunited
  • Your Love Island Application Has Been Accepted
  • RE: Your Love Island Application
  • Your Festival e-ticket
  • Payment Received
  • Your Purchase
  • Your Flight Confirmation
  • About Last Night
  • FW: It’s On It’s Way
  • Pending Payment
  • Status: Delivered
  • RE: Your Bank Balance

So just as a small side note none of these emails were related to any personal account activity or orders, but were just generic mailing list emails. I’m now going to show you just a few examples of the content that came along with these emails, some of them just blatantly addressed that the title was misleading and some were just confusing.

One Direction Reunited

As you can see they literally admit that One Direction aren’t back together, and they’ve pretty much just used the title to get more opens on the email

Your Love Island Applicant Has Been Accepted

As you can see the following was the only email content for the email with the above subject and it was very misleading. It’s clear to see that I Saw It First know their target customer base of 18-30 and use this to create clickbait titles relevant to this age group.

Your Flight Confirmation

The above email is I Saw It First playing the season to their advantage, this was an email from the summer when a lot of people would be going on holiday and might open the email mistaking it for their flights.

Overall looking at this examples I think what might seem like a clever marketing tactic for the brand is simply unethical. The brand is basically trying to deceive customers into opening their emails and I don’t think this is a good strategy for a giant in the fashion world to be using. Please try and do better brands.

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