Rise and Shine – Kylie Makes Money From Memes

If you aren’t familiar with Kylie Jenner – she is basically the Queen of the Internet and also the youngest self made billionaire according to Forbes.

In the past week Kylie has made headlines for her ‘Office Tour’ which she posted on her Youtube Channel. But it wasn’t Kylie’s million pound office pad that caused her to make headlines but rather the small sample of her singing the words ‘Rise and Shine’ whilst waking up her baby daughter Stormi.

This led to a Twitter frenzy of memes around ‘Rise and Shine’ and even the Queen of Pop Ariana Grande doing a cover of ‘Rise and Shine’.

So what did Kylie Jenner do? She got her business head on and thought how can I capitalise on this. Honestly she is a mini Kris Jenner if i’ve ever seen one.

She made Rise and Shine merch, selling her hoodies for $65 each, to make a pretty profit off this viral meme.

The hoodie even features the iconic sun with Kylie’s face in the centre which has become synonymous with the meme.

This just goes to show the fast pace at which marketers and brands need to move at to keep up with current trends.

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